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Litong-Lito: The Numerical Barangay and Zoning System of City of Manila

If you're working in the City of Manila, chances are, you'll encounter this scenario when ordering your fastfood delivery or online shopping orders: 
Fastfood Agent: "Okay po. Can you please confirm po your address: It's 123 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila. Tama po ba?" 
Me: "Opo" 
Agent: "Ano pong barangay?" 
Me: "Uhm, di ko po alam eh. Pwede po bang Intramuros na lang?" 
Agent: "Di po kasi makapagproceed sa order dahil kailangan po ng system po namin." 
(Sighed in frustration, but let's try it) 
Me: "Sige. Hanapin ko muna ang tax papers ko kasi sinulat ko yung barangay ng opisina namin." 

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